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Power Twister Spring Exerciser - Black

Item Code : 100030009

Price : TK 700
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- Durable and safe.

- Molded plastic comfort grips.

- Wrist straps prevent injury or accidental slipping.

- Simply bend the bar for concentrated upper body workout easier.

- Ideal size for use any place any time and any where.

- Ideal for working on your wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders.

- The Power Twister exercise tool is most interested in young people and who wants to have muscular arms and ideal with limited time. 

- In the design of international fitness experts. 

- The tools are reversion, small, easy to use, and the price is very cheap. 

- Suitable for anyone and anywhere, boarding, apartment, office, even when you travel. 

- It is very effective to form the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, hands, wings and can be self-improvised for movement and muscle in shape.

- Power twisters of sports equipment to form a portable body, can be brought anywhere, helping you shape the ideal body, an athletic body, without having to be done outdoors, so more privacy.